RSM International Massage Academy & Treatment Facility 

Motion Analysis Clinical Massage - Basic 4 days Intensive Course for Beginners 

Are you confident in your massage technique?

I would like to 
  • know the basics for a relaxing massage, but I do not know about the functional anatomy
  • know what specifically is causing my client's pain and want to explain to my clients
  • understand which massage technique is best for that issue and how to administer it
  • learn how to prevent these issues from happening again 
  • learn the basics of fixing posture and improving my client's movement
  • be able to anatomically explain why my client is experiencing their issues

How We Teach & How You Learn

All the basics of becoming a qualified massage therapist are learning functional anatomy. Study muscle function from the beginning and learn how to apply that knowledge to massage. If you learn massage based on functional anatomy, you can apply it to any field, and the quality of massage and explanation to your client will be reliable

Application of the Massage technique on the human body

We will demonstrate the application of the massage techniques taught in the corresponding functional anatomy. Once the massage technique is administered and shown, students will have the opportunity to try the techniques on partners while under the guidance and supervision of Hironori Ikeda

Enhance your massage techniques with a functional anatomy focus 

Once you have learned how to identify the cause and location of pain and problems, you will learn in detail how to massage and why these techniques effective for muscle pain. We use deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and stretching to reduce pain in the specified area and realigin the client's posture and movement 

What you will learn in this course

Pro Basket Ball player chose Motion Analysis Clinical Massage

Poor posture and movement are often caused by muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns. This will lead our clients to have swelling and irritation of the associated soft tissue, nerves, and joints. By implementing our clinical massages, your client's body is naturally re-educated to have a neutral position. This will help not only to prevent strain or overuse problems but also to have better posture and movement in many activities. Throughout the Clinical Massage, you learned at the course, your patient posture is dramatically improved and allows to have pain-free movement in your body. 
The massage techniques you learn are chosen by professional athletes for off-season conditioning.

Our courses are taught in English with smaller classes

Our courses are taught in smaller classes than other schools to ensure each student gets the right amount of time learning, trying for themselves, and having 1-on-1 with the instructor, Hironori Ikeda. Spots fill up fast so please sign up as soon as possible

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our courses were created by professional Massage Therapists and Instructors with over 25 years of experience. The massage and stretching techniques we teach are used and taught at Universities/Hospitals and Practices throughout the world. If for any reason you are not satisfied in the course after the first class, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.