RSM International Massage Academy & Treatment Facility 

The private lesson is taught in 1-on-1 with the funder, Hironori Ms.c in Sports Medicine

Private lessons are tailored to your purpose

 Please contact us if you are not confident in your massage technique or want to learn more massage techniques and knowledge. also, If you are interested in learning more about yoga, dance, analysis of various sports movements, please contact us at any time.  +66985175990 Whatsapp or line ID: hiro-hiro1971

I am a massage therapist, want to improve my knowledge and skills in a short time

If you are already working as a massage therapist, learning basic technique with beginners is a waste of time. RSM offers private lessons that allow you to study what you want to learn efficiently and quickly. Private lessons will be held from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm with advance reservations.

I want to know the more anatomical theory of Thai YOGA Massage

Many students studying Thai yoga massage want to know the theory of how effective this massage and stretching is. If you don't know the functional anatomy of the stretch, you are just extension and flexion the joints, making the joint compression and have no stretch effect at all. In RSM, you will learn what benefits. are produced by applying what stretch to which muscle. We practice many times to improve your skills. By learning the functional anatomy, your technique is more qualified to suit your client's needs

NOT a massage therapist, but my profession need more higher-level knowledge of functional anatomy, posture, and movement

When you want to provide your profession of body work at a higher level, you may need knowledge of sports medicine, functional anatomy. Even if you are not a massage therapist, you can take lessons at RSM. Please feel free to contact us for private or small group lessons.

After my massage session, I am very tired because of poor posture, and my arms and hands hurt

Many massage therapists, especially women, complain of hand and body pain after a massage. There are various factors, but it may be due to wrong posture, pressure by only arms, etc. We also have lessons on more effective postures and movements during your massage practice. Sometimes your body needs realignment to have correct posture and movement by using our Balance Ball YOGA method. Please contact RSM for learning this topics

I work as a Physiotherapist / Acupuncturist, but I want to apply trigger points and deep tissue massage into my practice

I work as a physiotherapist/acupuncturist, but I would like to apply my technique with a combination of remedial massages. I want to see the effects of my treatment while learning massage. If you have such a requirement, please contact RSM. Private courses are also available to practice the effectiveness of your treatment with Muay Thai athletes 

I am a YOGA teacher, and I want to explain anatomy and tailor my yoga to suit individual students 

If you are teaching yoga, dance, or sports, you will need knowledge of sports medicine and functional anatomy when you teach movement. Many students also expect instruction from those with knowledge in sports medicine. With this knowledge, your teaching will be safer and higher quality lessons for students.
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