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Our Remedial Massage therapy tailored to suit your body has many benefits, many adaptations depending on your needs

Our massage which combines myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and stretching is effective for chronic fatigue as well as for the pain that occurs during specific movements. The massage is based on the best palpation techniques and knowledge of functional anatomy, I will use the best massage treatment techniques to reduce the pain in the designated area and also treat the cause of the pain to ensure that the treatment is improving the patient’s overall wellbeing

980baht/90min (for the first session, we need minimum 90min to analyze your pain)
680baht/60min (after the first session, if the problem is not serious)

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line ID: hiro-hiro1971

Try Motion Analysis Clinical Massage, if you have pain in a specific movement 

Before starting the massage, we use the best palpation techniques to approach the muscles from the surface to the deep. Starting from checking the condition of the Myofascia, trigger point in muscle, nerve compression by muscle tension, the friction of muscles near the joint, the soft tissue around the tendon. All of these medical knowledge is put into our remedial massage to suits your body condition. I will use the best massage treatment techniques to reduce the pain in the designated area and also treat the cause of the pain to ensure that the treatment is improving the patient’s overall wellbeing.  Our massage combine deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and stretching. These techniques are effective This allows posture and movements to be properly realigned.

Try our Massage for your chronic fatigue and deep relaxsation

Our massage is very effective for chronic legs, hips, shoulders, neck fatigue and pain. Motion Analysis Clinical Massage includes not only the fascia and superficial muscles, but also deeper muscles that are important to stabilize the joint. After a massage session, the range of motion of the joints improves, stabilizes the joints, relieves muscle tension and pain, therefore it naturally re-educates your posture and movement into the correct position.

Try our massage for your conditioning management

People who play sports frequently have a tendency to decrease their performance due to chronic body pain or changes in movement due to injury. Professional athletes receive regular massages to maintain conditioning. Especially, the decrease in the range of motion after strenuous exercise has a significant effect on performance. Our massage can be the best massage for professional athletes to keep best conditioning not only during the offseason but also in the top season.

A Spanish professional basketball player chose only our massage during the off-season in chiangmai.

Amazing professional Ms.c Hironori Ikeda. Thank you so much for your work on my shoulder and ankle, I'm sure that I will start the pre-season in full of conditions.Thank you again, and remember if you come to Spain, tell me something! 😊 My best wishes for you! Salva Arco

Try once our massage for your scoliosis 

If you are scoliosis, certain muscles will become tense and you will feel chronic fatigue and pain due to the trigger point. Several people with such symptoms come to RSM regularly for massage. The most advanced palpation technique is used to identify the painful part, and we release pain in this area. Please take our massage once. Pains are released and feel so much deep relaxed after each massage session. 

HIronori Ikeda MS.c in sports medicine 

I establish RSM with a strong passion to help our quality of life through the knowledge of sports medicine. 

I studied a master's degree in Sports Medicine at Univ of Tsukuba, Japan. Therefore my main focus is massage focusing on muscle and soft tissue injury and dysfunction and physical training. 

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